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Ecomagic Toolbox



This section carries a selection of useful tools for ecomagic: publications, chants, techniques, images and merchandise. We will be adding to this toolbox as new material becomes available. For now, we have:

Introduction To Pagan Activism
A booklet was written by Sean Scullion and Adrian Harris for the European Social E-Group in October 2004. It provides an overview of what Pagan Activism is, plus some key magical techniques, and is available as an Adobe Acrobat pdf (350k).

A tool showing the Lunar Phases is available in the Magic section.

The Dragon Guide to Ecomagic Campaigning
Originally written as a guide for those starting local Dragon groups in the UK, this document contains information on every aspect of campaigning and ecomagic: organisation, campaign strategy, NVDA, and ecomagic ideas. All the ecomagic in the Guide is included in this website, but there is a wealth of information on campaigning that is not available here.
Available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or Rich Text Format (readable by any word processor.)


Tall Trees:

Tall trees, deep waters, strong winds, warm fires.
I feel them with my body and I feel them with my soul.

By Starhawk

She changes everything she touches, & everything she touches changes.

Change is, touch is,
Touch is, change is.

We are changers,
Everything we touch can change

Change us, touch us,
Touch us, change us.

Verses are not sung in any particular order, but simultaneously by different people as the inspiration takes them.


Wooden talismans with the Dragon Tree Rune. Hand made from fallen oak. £8 including UK post and packing.