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A story...

A wise old Chief is dying, so he calls his Tribe to his side for the last time. He gives each member of the Tribe a short, sturdy stick. "Break the stick." The old man says. With some effort they all manage to snap their sticks in half.

"This is how is it when we stand alone. We are easily broken." Then the old man hands each of them another stick. "This time turn to your neighbors." He says. "Put your sticks together in bundles of twos & threes. Now try to break these in half!"

None of them is able to break the bundles of sticks. "We are strong when we stand with another soul. When we are together we cannot be broken."

That is the essence of the Dragon Network.

Why not join us?

Dragon is a decentralized network, & we have no 'book of rules', but we have evolved a set of basic principles:

  1. Dragon believes that the Earth is Sacred
  2. Dragon is a decentralized network - A web of people working together on local, National & International issues
  3. Dragon combines practical environmental work with ecomagic. Each is as important as the other, & it is through this synergy that we focus our vision for change.
  4. Dragon is committed to Non-Violent Direct Action
  5. Anyone who shares our principles & aims is welcome to join, regardless of their Religion or Spiritual path

Dragon aims to:

  1. Increase general awareness of the sacredness of the Earth
  2. Encourage Pagans to become involved in conservation work
  3. Encourage Pagans to become involved in environmental campaigns.
  4. Develop the principles & practice of magical & Spiritual action for the environment, (which we call 'eco-magick' )