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The Element Festivals

The Element Festivals

The annual Element Festival days provide an opportunity to honour the Elements. Each Element has one day a year dedicated to it, a time to celebrate its power and our relationship with it. Individuals and groups mark the Festival with rituals, create artwork, have a party, or enjoy that particular Element. You might also like to work on environmental issues related to the Element:

  • On the Festival of Air, you could work to ease air pollution or improve human communication in some troubled parts of the world.
  • Mark the Festival of Fire with work on energy conservation or the climate crisis.
  • On the Festival of Water, we could raise money for a water charity or clean up a local stream or well.
  • The Festival of Earth might be celebrated by promoting composting schemes or doing conservation work.

The possibilities of how you mark these occasions are as vast as your imagination! The Element Festival dates are evenly spread through the year, not too close to the existing Pagan festivals and seasonally relevant to one of the four Western Elements in the UK. This last point is fundamental: Each geographical location celebrates the Festivals at the times appropriate to their local ecosystem.

The Elemental Festivals can be celebrated any time around the specific dates, extending over a week either side. The core dates for the Northern Hemisphere are:

  • The Festival of Air - Spring. The Sunday closest to February 23rd.
  • The Festival of Fire - Summer. The Sunday closest to May 25th.
  • The Festival of Water - Autumn. The Sunday closest to August 20th.
  • The Festival of Earth - Winter. The Sunday closest to November 25th.

In 2024 the Festival of Air will be held on February 25th. Let us know what you're planning and we'll add it here!

This is a suggested ritual to mark each of the Festivals. It's simple, inclusive and fun!