Dragon Environmental Network

Dragon links environmental action with magical practice. We draw from many magical traditions and everyone is welcome.

We focus our energies on eco-magic, using magic and ritual to stop environmental destruction and channel positive energy to those who protect the land. We also support campaigns in more conventional ways – everything from sending an email to non-violent direct action.

7 Responses to Dragon Environmental Network

  1. dominic duncan says:

    id like to make a comment about how religeon seems all focused on death
    from the deil or hades pluto to the dark night of the soul symbol of the crucifix
    its like necromancy can we focus dragon on gaia and life thankyou.

  2. dominic duncan says:

    would a magikal phone line or question and answer email site be useful for new
    psychics and people with problems and questions about magick like”is telepathy real”
    or “what is clairvoyance”.

  3. Email: chris@greenspirituality.org
    Web: http://www.greenspirituality.org
    11th April 2012
    Dear Secretary,
    I am a recently published author and my book “Green Spirituality- one answer to global environmental problems and world poverty” has been published by the American publisher Authorhouse. Green Spirituality presents the green values of twelve spiritual traditions, explores their relationship with six global issues of environment and social justice, and overviews innovative solutions to be found around the world, especially in Eco Villages. The book is written from the point of view of a green activist, which I have been for 30 years, in areas such as climate change, recycling, inter-faith dialogue, conservation and skills sharing in the community. My research has revealed green values equate well with spiritual values. More details of my book can be found at http://www.greenspirituality.org.
    The book has a good chapter on Paganism highlighting worldwide Pagan organisations which are working to protect the environment (with useful websites). I have got advice when writing the Pagan chapter from my pagan friends. I managed to get an article by Emma Restall Orr into the Green Party’s Green World magazine recently when I co-ordinated a whole edition based on Green Spirituality.
    The book also focuses on many multi-faith teachings which apply to current global environmental problems and world poverty. It can be used as a tool for inter-faith dialogue and co-operation. I also describe in the book my interviews with spiritual leaders in India from the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Jain religions. I have also been involved in giving talks on Green Spirituality to members of the Birmingham Interfaith network, and the Coventry Faiths Forum and I am a member of the Warwick District Faiths Forum.
    Since the book has such a positive message about how Pagans are contributing to the environmental movement and encourages inter-faith dialogue I was wondering if you might be able to make your network members aware of its existence through your publications/website? I do appreciate your help with this and look forward to others benefitting from my knowledge and experience of multi-faith approaches to global environmental problems and world poverty.
    Yours faithfully
    Chris Philpott

  4. adrian says:

    HI Liz,
    Sadly, no. We have in the past but don’t have the volunteer support to do it now. Check out BTCV – now called TVC:

  5. Bryan Ev[ert] as Evard says:

    Dominic ., are you referring to Vuant Device List info at Glastonbury Modern2 .,.

    only wondering if you get this thought from a grant or modern.ite OBOD . . . . . :)

  6. Heather Awen says:

    Hello! I was wondering if any animist-inclined people would like to contribute to the Animist Blog Carnival? Here is the info for Aug 1 2013 deadline. Thank you Heather

    The August 1st Animist Blog Carnival theme is BIRDS and will be hosted by animist jottings.

    Remember you can contribute older writing/art.

    Creativity Jumping Off Points:

    Favorite birds; ornithology; migration; experiences with birds; lessons learned from birds; hang gliding; nests; wildlife rehabbing birds; cages; raptors hunting; mating patterns; feathers; endangered birds; singing; airplanes; birds in your culture’s mythology (Odin’s Ravens; the Morrigan Crows; Rhiannon’s Songbirds; Phoenix; blue bird of happiness; killing of the wren at Yule; American Eagle symbol; etc. Please DO NOT speak for a culture of which you are not a member.)

    What is Animism? How do I know if I am one?

    If you seek to know more about animism, please read these blog posts:

    Moma Fauna at Pray to the Moon http://moma-fauna.blogspot.com/p/animismwhat.html

    Traci at A Sense of Place http://www.patheos.com/blogs/asenseofplace/2013/04/im-an-animist-what-does-that-mean/

    Red Griffith-Hayes at The Animist’s Craft http://theanimistscraft.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/animistscraft/

    And watch the 5 minute film by Glen Gordon, Bioregional Animism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0OIaDT94cg

    The only two books on the topic are Emma Restall Orr’s The Wakeful World and Graham Harvey’s Animism.

    If you agree with much of what you read/see, then you can join the ABC, even if your blog is normally about wildcrafting, Heathenry, racism, geology or model trains. (ie Your blog can be about anything, as long as your ABC posts are about animism and related to the month’s theme.)

    How Do I Join?

    Follow the instructions below. If you want to host a month and have a theme, please contact me.

    ABC Contributor Guidelines

    Write an essay, poem, memoir, conduct an interview, etc about the month’s theme. (To check the theme, go to the ABC HQ http://ecoanimism.com/blog-carnival.) Or film a song or photograph an image or art piece that is about the theme. You can contribute old writing/art.
    Post on your blog with a link to the month’s hosting blog and a link to the ABC HQ http://ecoanimism.com/blog-carnival.
    Send link to your post to that month’s host by the last of the month.
    No hate literature or attacks on specific people will be allowed.

  7. dominic duncan says:

    my dughter and i have experienced being entrapped by an illegall justice system called psychiatry can you help

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